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Align with Knowledge. Scale with Execution.

Krezzo's OKR products are designed to align teams at scale behind a simple framework, but optimized for business leaders to drive execution.

OKR Training

Krezzo provides dedicated access to industry best practices in a simple, secure, and scalable learning environment.

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OKR Software

Visibility at scale. Simplistic for users. Powerful for operational leaders.

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The Smartest Way to Implement OKRs

Krezzo's Operating System provides operational leaders with everything needed to implement, execute, and scale with OKRs.


Quickly get your account instance setup


Get your OKRs, SIs and cadence ready


Explore, experiment, and execute with context


Get insights into where you can improve

Get Your Company Strategy Out of Slides


Krezzo's Operating System unlocks hyper efficiencies by dynamically aggregating updates, context, and intelligence, and compiling into a simple operational "Snapshot," enabling you to focus more on solving problems and collaborating and less on deck assembly and spreadsheet versioning.


Stop Tracking Data in Spreadsheets

Krezzo incorporates proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) so you can create high-quality OKRs and Strategic Initiatives quickly, and get back to work.

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Reduce Risks with Better Execution


Strategic Initiatives empower teams to explore, experiment, and evolve. By providing extreme clarity between actions and results, it opens up the possibilities to try new things and learn more. 

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Break Down Silos Across Teams

Krezzo's Operating System is purpose-built for executive leadership teams to bring strategy, performance, and Contextual Engagement to life, creating a more holistic and harmonized operation.

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Unify Operations in a Simple & Scalable Way

Discover a simple operational process designed to maximize impact.

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Experience Purpose-Built Operational Value

Onboarding with Krezzo can be as self-service as you like, or we can be hands on. It's up to you.

New Implementations

Creating an account and starting from scratch will enable you to learn the product and get hands-on experience using our prescriptive best practices.

Existing Migrations or Imports

For more complex implementations, perhaps migrating over from another system or importing existing data would be more useful. Either way, we have you covered and end result will be a true Operating System to drive #radicalexecution.

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Organize within a System That Simply Works

There's a lot of untapped value in systems, and when applied across an organization, the possibilities are endless.

Create Objectives & Key Results

There's a lot of power in a system, but only if used correctly. We've built our OS in a way which enables best practices, not over-configuration.

Create Strategic Initiatives

In order to maximize the value of any #radicalexecution strategy, Strategic Initiatives should be at the forefront. Explore, experiment, and execute. Let the results come naturally.

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Operate in the Most Efficient Way Possible

Although technology is rapidly advancing, the way we work and get things done isn't keeping up. The modern Operating System is a strategic way to unlocking organizational potential.

Set Your Alignment Rhythm

Get teams in sync with a simple approach to driving business alignment without a lot of heavy lifting for all parties involved.

Extract Insights with Context

The Krezzo Operating System is all about emphasizing context and driving engagement. Provide the necessary information, and get back to business.

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Optimize Operational Efficiency with Data and AI

One of the biggest benefits of using an Operating System is in the data. Once you start to get into a rhythm, the level of insights which can be unlocked are transformational.

Gain Useful Insights

Uncover a wide-variety of operational insights and recommendations, but tangible and driven by A.I., and start maximizing your performance.

Automate Future Planning

Use past information to generate forward thinking plans in a way which reduces the overhead and time needed to generate company plans.

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Krezzo unlocks efficiency while eliminating the administrative friction of “homework” for all parties involved.
VP of Finance & Operations
Sam Bourneuf, Thought Industries
Krezzo’s purpose-built solution has improved our visibility and ability to manage against OKRs in a way tools like Monday or Asana couldn’t.
VP of Strategy and Operations, Chief of Staff
Thomas Cavett,

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