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Align Company Strategy

Get teams rowing in the same direction by breaking down silos with pillars.




View Cross-Departmental Priorities Multiple Ways

Simple views - canvas, group, tree, and my dashboard - to visualize OKRs. Includes individual and team filtering, and much more.



Bring Objectives to Life Making Them More Meaningful

Make OKRs fun and memorable!



Create High-Quality Key Results with AI

Use AI to quantify your Objectives by using best practices in Key Result creation.



Track Actions & Outcomes in the Same Place

Measure the Key Results over time, and see the Initiatives driving them forward.

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Generate Strategic Initiatives with AI

Take the critical metrics you want to influence, and come up with unique ways to drive improvement.



Showcase How Initiatives Can Impact Multiple Results

Break down silos with cross-functional impact visualization.



Create a Recurring Cadence of Cross-Functional Alignment 

Schedule recurring updates to go out to the areas where you work.



Conduct Contextual Check-In in a Super Simple Way

Reduce the friction. Get in, get out, and get on with your day.



Learn OKRs, Together, at Scale

Get your own company instance of a library of OKR best practices and product courses.

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Name OKRs Your Own Way

Use your own internal language, or come up with your own OKR-related acronym - BYOB! Bring Your Own Buzzword ;)



Light & Dark Mode Included

Easy on the eyes, your way.

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