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Meet the Team

Krezzo is led by experienced OKR practitioners, B2B SaaS professionals, and executive advisors.


Stephen Newman


Stephen lives in the Greater Tampa Bay area and is an experienced B2B SaaS executive with 10+ years driving revenue growth for technology companies such as, Thought Industries, Aras, and Eloqua.


KJ McGowan


KJ currently resides in Toronto, Canada but is originally from Dublin, Ireland. He is a sales leader, OKR enthusiast, and passionate learner at heart. He works closely with customers to build relationships, understand their needs and deliver valuable solutions.


Nick Di Felice

Lead Engineer

Nick lives in the Greater Toronto area and is an experienced full-stack developer of web applications using modern technologies and frameworks.

david perdue

David Perdue

David lives in Austin, Texas, and is an experienced technology leader with a proven track record of delivering successful commercial products and building highly efficient engineering organizations.

dave gilden

Dave Gilden

Dave is based in Tampa, Florida, and is a cyber security executive and current partner at the MDJ Group.


Chris Leyva

Leyva is located in the Greater Tampa Bay area and loves bringing products to life - often starting from ground zero. He strives to stay current with trends and principles to create beautiful and intuitive web applications.


Yassin Abo El Nour

Yassin is based in the Greater Boston area and is an experienced product leader with a focus on B2B SaaS.


Doug Murphy

Doug is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a seasoned sales professional and co-founder of Thought Industries and former VP of Amdocs.

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Cal Brown

Cal splits time between Rhode Island and Costa Rica and is the former founder of,, and WorldAPP.

josh seiden

Josh Seiden

Josh is located in New York City and is the author of Outcomes Over Output, Sense and Respond, and Lean UX, as well as a seasoned product designer.

Interested in Joining the Team?

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