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                                      Purpose-Built for OKRs

                                      Simple. Visual. Flexible.


                                      Focused on Results

                                      Krezzo's OKR platform is purpose-built to manage your OKRs in a simple and visual interface but is flexible enough to handle new and unique customers use cases.


                                      Centralize Business Performance

                                      Tracking performance and working cross-departmentally is hard to do in spreadsheets or generic tools. By establishing OKRs as your company-wide system of record you can elevate the conversation and get more strategic.


                                      Turn Strategy Into Operational Reality

                                      The tactical day-to-day of business can get messy. Emails, instant messages, calls, texts, meetings, reports, and the list goes on. When everything feels like the priority, nothing is the priority. By providing clear visibility into the core business goals, people can focus on driving results and see how their work contributes to the greater good. 

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                                      Share the Mission-Critical Priorities

                                      By sharing the company's strategy across all teams in a centralized location, people can start to self-identify where they fit into the business with extreme clarity. With a single system of record, making that connection is easier than ever.


                                      Establish Your Strategic System of Record

                                      Every company has a strategy. Even no strategy is a strategy. But the best ones have a shared language, almost like a playbook, to help drive consistent execution. Track your playbook performance today.

                                      OKR Canvas

                                      Align OKRs your way across your business

                                      OKR Builder

                                      Create OKRs in a simple yet visual way

                                      KR Types

                                      Select from multiple configurable KR-types

                                      Users & Roles

                                      Add users and assign permissions with ease

                                      Single Sign-On

                                      Get into the platform multiple ways


                                      Visualize and report on data sources


                                      Capable of connecting with the tools you use

                                      More Coming Soon

                                      We're just getting started, so get on board


                                      Connect Live to Get Started

                                      No demos just yet, just discovery. Let's learn about your business needs and align in a mutually beneficial yet.


                                      Learn More

                                      Get insights, tips, tricks, and B2B SaaS / OKR best practices

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