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OKR Knowledge at Scale

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Rapidly & Consistently Train Employees About OKRs

Ensuring everyone with your company is using OKRs the same way isn't easy. Is that a good Objective? Is that a Key Result or a KPI? Why are we doing OKRs? These are all common questions. Krezzo provides short-form learning experiences so employees can get the information they need and put to practice almost instantly.



Whether trying to train all your existing employees, or the new ones just joining your team, enable them to learn OKRs the right way, the first time.



Get a dedicated instance of Krezzo's Knowledge Center so your employees can learn about OKRs together.



Spend less time trying to figure out "how" to do OKRs and more time using them to effectively drive business performance.


Truly Establish OKRs As Your Shared Strategic Language


Get Value From OKRs Quicker

The benefits of OKRs are all about focus and execution. Train your employees to OKRs the right way from day one and you'll expontentially reap the benefits.

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Improve Outcomes Based on Proven Psychology

There's plenty of free content online about OKRs, but very little of it addresses organizational change. Our learning experiences are based on fundamental principles of behavioral psychology, going beyond "what" OKRs are, and getting more into the "how" and "why."

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Increase Your OKR Program Effectiveness

For OKRs to be successful, it requires adoption at scale. The courses are created to cover a lot of ground quickly, so you get to put what you learn to practice almost immediately.

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Drive More Impact from OKRs with Shared Learning Experiences



Learning environments are deployed to your learners only, improving engagement.


Drive internal conversations with in-course messaging across peers and instructors.


Courses are curated with multiple media types to boost engagement.


Visualize progress on courses and learning paths


Learners can record their creativity and share it with their colleagues. 


Courses are designed to be consumed quickly so learners can get on with their day.


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