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OKR Training, Delivered at Scale

Learn together. Grow together.

Krezzo provides a library of courses and content designed to get your teams rowing in the same direction. Take on-demand, or package up into a dedicated environment.


Provide Dedicated Access to 12+ On-Demand Courses

OKRs are supposed to be simple, yet there's a lot of confusing information out there. We break it down into small, digestible pieces so you can comprehend then apply.


Beautifully Curated OKR Courses, On-Demand

There's a lot of conflicting information available on OKRS. The only thing it seems we all agree on is how to spell OKRS, but that's about it. Krezzo takes a definitive, clear, and focused approach to implementing OKRS into your business.

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Engaging and Interactive Courses That Don't Suck

Traditional learning experiences are typically bland, especially within corporate environments. With Krezzo, the content is tight, interesting, and collaborative - the way it should be!

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Learning Experiences Your Employees Will Remember

Krezzo's content is simple, visual, and interactive, providing a better way to align teams on the knowledge they need to succeed with OKRs.


Create Unique Courses and Measure Engagement

No two OKR programs are alike, which is why we provide the technology capabilities that enable program leaders to create their own content and distribute to employees.

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More Than Just OKR Training Technology

Krezzo values knowledge, which is why its learning product enables customers to not only learn content, but to create content of their own.

Create Courses

Create your own courses and make them memorable

Group Teams

Categorize learners to benchmark engagement data


All courses and content are mobile-friendly and responsive

Live vILT Sessions

Access live Virtual Instructor-Led sessions at all times

Dedicated Access

Get your own instance and provide learners with unique access

Interactive Content

Deliver OKR knowledge at scale with interactive content


Access the Courses Today

Sign up and access Krezzo's interactive courses, then decide if you'd like to provision access at scale.


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