OKR Learning Experiences

Discover a simple and scalable way to align your people


Improve Alignment, Execution and Performance with a Shared Strategic Language

Learn Quickly

Krezzo's short-term micro-learning content is designed to be consumed quickly and easily so you can get value with your new knowledge almost instantly.

Learn Correctly

With so much information available on OKRs, it's easy to learn something the wrong way. Our psychology-based best practices have been proven to work, and they can work for you.

Learn Together

Provision access to role-based learning experiences in dedicated environments so your employees can learn the OKR methodology together and at scale.


Start Speaking the Same Operational Language

Onboard with OKRs Quickly and Consistently

With so much poor information available about OKRs, having a single source of truth to operate against can reduce confusion and increase efficiency quickly and easily.


On-Demand Role-Based Based Learning

Krezzo's dedicated online learning experiences can be consumed at anytime on any device, and are provisioned to users based on roles.


Dedicated, Contextual and Scalable

Learn OKRs together in dedicated environments with just your employees, and get contextual learning with in-app widgets, so you can get the guidance you need to create and align OKRs better when you need it.


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