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Discover a purpose-built platform, design for operations.


Align your company strategy

Get teams rowing in the same direction by breaking down silos with pillars.

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Establish your own OKR-inspired operational acronym

Use your own internal language, or come up with your own OKR-related acronym - BYOB! Bring Your Own Buzzword ;)

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View operational performance multiple ways

Simple views - canvas, group, tree, and my dashboard - to visualize OKRs. Includes individual and team filtering, and much more.



Measure outcomes and see the execution items driving them

Measure the Key Results over time, and see the Initiatives driving them forward.

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Use AI to create your plans

Take the critical metrics you want to influence, and come up with unique ways to drive improvement.

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Learn together or create your own courses and content

Get your own company instance of a library of operational best practices and product courses.

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Create operational rhythm with schedules and notifications 

Schedule recurring updates to go out to the areas where you work.



Surface the priorities in a useful way 

Share what's happening and provide more visibility.

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Automate presentation generation

Rollup internal priorities into compelling presentations. Learn more here.

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