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Tune out the noise, and turn up the signal

Operational leaders, Chiefs of Staff, and team managers struggle to get quality updates across all layers of the business. Krezzo's Priority Alignment Platform streamlines essential workflows so teams can spend more time creating value for customers instead of recreating the internal communication


Gathering, curating and sharing internal updates is a grind

Managing up at scale is insanely manual still. We aim to solve this problem.



Lots of information

Email threads, messages, meetings, and the list of endless information goes on


Lots of systems

Tracking spreadsheets, projects, KPIs, multiple doc versions, and OKRs is challenging


Lots of data

Pulling data from 17 different sources with context is time-consuming and painful


Back and forth

The average knowledge workers spends 10 hours weekly on internal communication up the food chain


Inefficient workflows

Back and forth over email and Slack breaks down at scale, very quickly


Outdated formats

Recreating the same decks over and over again is exhausting


Synthesize priorities into presentations

Capture the pulse of your business without being a burden for cross-functional teams.


Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 7.06.54 AM




Create cross-functional visibility without chaos

Discover a better way to capture and deliver insights to your executives.



Create simple, contextual, and dynamic updates which capture and compile context at scale.



Enable management to select, comment, and filter up insights to executives.



All updates get curated into a simple, accessible, and useful 'Executive Summary.'


Set a dynamic cadence of internal updates

Create custom schedules and channels to capture the most critical insights across your company.


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Capture insightful context in rhythm

Get in. Get out. Get on with your day.


Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 7.06.19 AM




Filter out the non-essentials and manage up like a boss

Filter out and manage up the most critical insights, with commentary.


Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 7.06.38 AM



Start working more cohesively as you scale

Operations is the forgotten function that creates true alignment for the business. Finally, leaders are equipped to do more with more, at scale.


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