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OKR Recalibration

You're off and running with OKRs, but now it's time to take things to the next level. 

The first step is the hardest with OKRs, so congrats on taking them! Now that you've launched, sometimes a recalibration of tooling or approach is just what the doctor ordered.


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What's an OKR Recalibration?

In your journey of growth and scaling, you've incorporated the use of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) into your operational framework. For several quarters, perhaps even longer, you've been diligently tracking updates with the tools at your disposal - spreadsheets, generic tools, or perhaps a basic OKR product. But as the process goes on, you realize it's time to level up your operations.



Overcoming Different Challenges

The inefficiency of your current system is becoming evident. As your business grows and evolves, the manual process you've been using is proving inadequate. It's clear that it will not scale along with your business into its next phase.

🐢 Inefficient System

The inefficiency of your current system is becoming evident. Too clunky, complex, and cumbersome.

🗯️ Definition Chaos

KPIs vs Key Results. Initiatives vs. "business as usual." There's now a lack of consistency across teams.

😬 Low Engagement

Engaging all team members in this process is proving challenging, and confusion is starting to permeate your teams.

🎇 New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new people to OKRs is not as straightforward as you'd like

📉 Results Spotty

Overall results of your OKR process have been hit or miss

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Don't Fret, Just Reset

The solution to these growing challenges lies in recalibrating or resetting your OKR program. This can mean implementing a new system, incorporating dedicated training, and / or seeking professional guidance to get a fresh perspective. Whatever the case may be, there's a way forward.

Here are some aspects of a recalibration.

🖥️ System Migration

Generic project and task management tools, HR modules, or your basic OKR product isn't cutting it. It's either overcomplicated, messy, or just another version of your existing cycle. We can migrate you to a new purpose-built system.

📁 Spreadsheet Migration

Spreadsheets can do virtually anything, which is a blessing but typically a curse. If you find yourself replicating your existing sheet over and over again, perhaps it's time to migrate off the sheets.

📚 Scalable Training

Presenting a slide deck in a virtual meeting is a one-off event. With a professional, scalable, and repeating library of content you can offload the training side of OKRs.

🤓 OKR Advisory

Sometimes an outsider's perspective can bring a lot of clarity. If you have a massive list of OKRs, perhaps getting help is the trick.




Lighten Your Workload

Managing an OKR program isn't easy. It requires a lot of time, attention, and coordination. At the core of a solid OKR recalibration is having an extension of your team, both with the technology and the training, to handle many of the messy parts of your implementation.

Here are some additional components which can yield better outcomes.

⚡ Streamline Workflows

The process of OKRs takes time, but with the right system and process in place you can save oceans of time.

⏩ Boost Efficiency

Using a purpose-built system has plenty of advantages, but when comparing apples-to-apples you can start to unlock a lot of efficiencies in your teams.

🎓 Scale Out Training

Embedded and on-demand training enables you to focus on running your operations versus explaining definitions to teams.

👨‍🏫 Build Confidence

By partnering with an OKR expert, you can build up confidence to handle difficult situations and challenges which can often come with working with hard headed execs and managers.

Ultimately, an OKR recalibration is all about building on top of what has worked, getting more efficient, and taking everything to the next levels. "Tracking stats and herding cats" isn't an easy role, but it's critical to the business. Leverage the right solutions to put yourself in a position to succeed.


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