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Align Operations Your Way

Use a logic-based strategy to drive #radicaloperations today.


Create Your Own System of Alignment

Trying to repurpose external acronyms can be challenging, especially when everyone has their own interpretation of definitions and approaches. FlexOS is based in logic instead of lingo, and enables you to drive alignment better and faster.


The strategy


The outcomes


The actions


The changes


Join the OKRevolution

OKRs have been around for decades, but it's time to rethink operational alignment, visibility, and engagement. Take the core components of a logic-based strategy and turn them into something your internal culture will adopt. BYOB. Build Your Own Buzzword ;)

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Turn Objectives into Cultural Clarity


Call it Objectives, Missions, Vision, Aims, or whatever you want. It's the direction of your company. It's what teams rally behind. You don't need 100 of them, just a handful of them that align people to purpose.



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Quantify Success with Shared Results


Key Results. KPIs. Outcomes. Whatever label you want to use, it's how success is measured over time.



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Emphasize Execution & Experimentation


Strategic Initiatives. Projects. Epics. Campaigns. The name can be whatever you like, but it's the actions you take and control. 80% of execution fails to move the needle, but the 20% is where the magic happens.



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Simplify Cross-Functional Engagement


Check-Ins. Updates. Standups. TPS reports. Whatever you call it, this is the recurring cadence of sharing context, changes, and learnings.



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Powerful Features to Align Teams

The days of teaching people how to write OKRs or spending months on planning cycles is coming to an end. Discover a better and faster way to drive true growth with FlexOS with built-in best practices.



Bring Your Own Buzzword

Schedule a Cadence

Create Alignment, Literally

Discover Insights

See What's Changing

Manage Teams & Users

Automate Assignments

Leverage Integrations

SSO, Slack, and Much More

Generate Presentations

This Will Blow Your Mind

Automate Planning

Unlock New Efficiencies

Embed Media

Add Custom Content

Include Context

Synthesize Info Quickly


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