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Connect Top-Down Strategy to Bottoms-Up Engagement

Operational leaders, Chiefs of Staff, and team managers are all dealing with a common challenge - gathering updates across teams and improving cross-functional visibility. Let's change that.


Tune Out the Noise and Turn Up the Signal

Harmonizing continuous planning with conflicting priorities is a big challenge we aim to solve. 



Operationalize Strategy

Use Traditional OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) or customize your own strategic methodology


Prioritize Effectively

Understand how your efforts connect to the greater purpose, while managing up better


Manage Up Better

Add a critical update layer to your business to filter the noise out and surface what matters most.

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Create a Dynamic Cadence of Operational Updates

Create custom schedules and channels to capture the most critical insights across your company.


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Capture Context in a Simple Way

Get in. Get out. Get on with your day.


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Filter & Roll-Up Critical Insights Like a Boss

Filter out and manage up the most critical insights, with commentary.


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Keep Executives in the Know, Not in the Weeds

Filter out and manage up the most critical insights, with commentary.



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Reduce Ineffective & Inefficient Communication

$12,000 per year, per employee. That's the cost of poor internal communications. Knowledge workers typically spend 10 hours a week creating and recreating internal updates, which is a massive hit to productivity. Krezzo can slash that by 50% (or more), giving your people more time to focus on what really matters.


Redundant Updates

The average knowledge workers spends 10 hours weekly on internal communication up the food chain


Inefficient Workflows

Back and forth over email and Slack breaks down at scale, very quickly


Outdated Formats

Recreating the same decks over and over again is exhausting


Too Much Information

Email threads, messages, meetings, and the list of endless information goes on


Disjointed Processes

Tracking spreadsheets, projects, KPIs, multiple doc versions, and OKRs is challenging


Analysis Paralysis

Pulling data from 17 different sources with context is time-consuming and painful


Start Working More Cohesively as You Scale

Operations is the forgotten function that creates true alignment for the business. Finally, leaders are equipped to do more with more, at scale.


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Take Your Operations to the Next Level

Prepare for scale in a way that is culturally viable.


Centralized Operations

You've never seen OKRs done this way

LMS Included

Drive alignment and knowledge at scale

Prioritized Engagement

Keep everyone in the loop

Krezzo simplified our operations in ways that or spreadsheets couldn't do.
Leigha Kemmett
Chief Operating Officer,
After multiple attempts at OKRs, we finally got it right with Krezzo.
Sam Bourneuf
VP of Operations, Thought Industries
We migrated off Microsoft Viva Goals to Krezzo, and it's been a game changer!
Mimi Huang
Operations Manager, IRONSCALES
Krezzo gives us a centralized top-down strategy hub, but also a lightweight bottoms-up way to keep up with changing priorities.
Cormac Γ³ FoghlΓΊ
VP of Operations, Sonalake

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